An aperitif with Sara Giraudeau: “The children of artists rarely want not to be”

An aperitif with Sara Giraudeau: “The children of artists rarely want not to be”


Vaguely hidden under a thick hat, Sara Giraudeau slides her long silhouette onto the bench of the Café du Rendez-vous, place Denfert-Rochereau, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, not far from the family home. Stalled, shifted then rescheduled, the aperitif turned into a hangover breakfast. Blame it on the preview of Tout va bien , which took place the day before and ended with a drunken evening. Which does not affect the freshness of her pale complexion. Despite her fatigue, the actress confides with pleasure and immediate familiarity, between a hot chocolate and two buttered toasts.

We are just a few days away from the release on Disney+ of Camille de Castelnau’s series inspired by her niece’s battle with leukemia. Sara Giraudeau plays Marion, the mother of the sick child, and the subject resonates particularly strongly for this mother of three girls, the last of whom is still of diaper age. “When you are a mother on a daily basis and it gives meaning to your life, it gives meaning to the role ,” she confirms. For me, maternal is linked to a very strong emotion – you can be maternal without having children, in fact. As an actor, we need to go towards things that touch us, it’s a chance to play characters who will experience the greatest fears! »

She shows great admiration for people who face tragedies and who draw particular strength from them. She had also filmed a documentary on Le Rire doctor, the association which sends clowns to brighten up the daily lives of hospitalized children ( My heroes , 2018). It was through this association that she, for the first time, met the niece of Camille de Castelnau; she already knew the latter having worked on the series The Bureau of Legends with her. Tout va bien has doubly the taste of a reunion for Sara Giraudeau, since it also made her reconnect with Eric Rochant, who produces it and who directed the first two episodes. Important episodes, she emphasizes, because they “establish” the characters.

Ambivalent characters

In the series, Marion cultivates a form of denial regarding her daughter’s leukemia. Despite the hospital’s insistence, she “forgot” to buy a phone when hers broke, she reserved tickets for Guadeloupe… And above all, she formed a clandestine relationship with one of the hospital clowns, at which she hides the reality of her daily life as the parent of a child whose life hangs by a thread. “Marion is in the present moment, she really doesn’t want to anticipate. Anticipation is death! Splitting yourself up is a way of protecting yourself at this moment in your life. »

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