An aperitif with Salomé Dewaels: “People talked to me more about my transparent dress from the Mostra than about the film”

An aperitif with Salomé Dewaels: “People talked to me more about my transparent dress from the Mostra than about the film”


First day of extreme cold in Paris, life settled down slightly at the exit of the Couronnes metro station, in the 11th arrondissement. When we enter the door of Les Triplettes de Belleville ( 20th ), our guest is waiting for us behind a small mountain of down jackets and anoraks. Belgian actress Salomé Dewaels took refuge right in front of the kitchens, where it was still warm. His mohair and cozy cardigan say a lot about the pot-au-feu aperitif we are about to share. “I am a Bablute,” she announces, in a language tinged with the originalities of the flat country. “Inexhaustible ,” she continues . With my friends, I have to set a timer to cut short the chatter. »

No more parties until dawn, shooters, beer and vodka-Red Bull. Since the birth of her daughter, June, a year and a half ago, the young mother no longer consumes alcohol after 5 p.m. and drinks glasses “by the handle”. Decaf cream for her, prosecco for us. “I’m an old lady ,” she justifies herself. But I also know how to be young. » In Brussels, where she shares her daily life with a production assistant turned producer, the cushy life suits her very well.

France Inter and buttered toast when you wake up, puzzle evenings, blankets and cats on your knees. In summer, pétanque and Mölkky games. Slow down, by the fire, yes, if his job offers him enough adrenaline to reach the great thrill. Question of balance. The 26-year-old actress, spotted in Lost Illusions , by Xavier Giannoli (2021), the adaptation of the eponymous novel by Honoré de Balzac, is currently filming the series ça, c’est Paris! in Paris! , for France 2, in which she plays a cancan dancer.

A psychologist and sport

Before joining us, she spent hours in a Plexiglas ball suspended 10 meters high, at Paradis Latin, the oldest cabaret in the capital. “A crazy job!” » , she sums up, batting her extra-long, mega-curved eyelashes which never cease to amaze us. Her doll eyes? She gets them from her father, Pierre Dewaels. Between them, it’s a big story and we could only talk about him.

“Look how beautiful he is ,” she shows, at our request, on her cell phone. He looks like Alain Delon! » The Delon period A cop , with the pipe and more. All the same looks more practical than the French star. As a child, Salomé spent the week at home, with her two older sisters – Chloé now works in temporary work and Julie is a dispatcher at 101, the police emergency number. President of the municipal council and then of the cultural center of Jette, a commune in the north of the Brussels metropolitan area, Pierre takes his daughters everywhere to markets, festivals and flea markets. They know everyone.

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