Tribune “faced with lynching” by Gérard Depardieu: the embarrassment of the signatories who nevertheless maintain their support for the actor

Tribune “faced with lynching” by Gérard Depardieu: the embarrassment of the signatories who nevertheless maintain their support for the actor


A “serious error” . Nadine Trintignant, 89-year-old director and writer, announces in Le Point , in an article published on Friday, December 29, that she regrets her support for the column denouncing the “lynching” of which Gérard Depardieu is a victim, published Monday in Le Figaro . In this text, around sixty personalities from the world of culture gave their support to the “last sacred monster of cinema” , indicted for rape and sexual assault and after controversial remarks made by the actor revealed by the magazine “Additional investigation” information.

“I will always be against media lynchings whatever they may be,” explains the director, recalling having suffered one when “the press (…) spoke of a crime of passion regarding my daughter [Marie Trintignant killed by Bertrand Cantat, her companion , in 2003]. Today, we talk about it like a murder and that’s good.” “I have always defended women, fought for free abortion and of course for the defense of battered women,” adds the director.

“When I signed this column, I did not know who it was written by ,” explains Ms. Trintignant. I ask the people I have shocked not to blame me for my serious mistake. » The author of the column is Yannis Ezziadi, a 32-year-old actor. Close to the French actor’s daughter, Julie Depardieu, and Sarah Knafo, Eric Zemmour’s advisor and companion, he is also an editorialist for the conservative magazine Causeur , founded by Elisabeth Lévy.

Carole Bouquet “uncomfortable” after the visibility acquired by Yannis Ezziadi

“I signed a column for Gérard Depardieu. However, I do not support the ideas and values associated with the journalist carrying this column. Giving him visibility through Gérard makes me, as you can imagine, deeply uncomfortable,” actress Carole Bouquet said on Instagram.

Signatories like Carole Bouquet, who was Gérard Depardieu’s companion for around ten years, the filmmaker Bertrand Blier, the actresses Nathalie Baye, Arielle Dombasle and Charlotte Rampling, the actors Jacques Weber, Pierre Richard and Gérard Darmon… “We cannot no longer remain silent in the face of the lynching that befell [Gérard Depardieu] in defiance of a presumption of innocence from which he would have benefited, like everyone else, if he were not the giant of cinema that he is” , they wrote.

The genesis of this forum leaves a bitter taste for other signatories, without them going so far as to withdraw their support for the text. “I assume” , producer and former agent Dominique Besnehard told Agence France-Presse (AFP): “I support the presumption of innocence of Gérard and of any individual. And I blame myself for having been naive. »

Former boss of the Cinémathèque française, Serge Toubiana explains to AFP that he was put in the loop by Carole Bouquet and “not knowing” who was at the origin of the text. “I am not withdrawing my signature. I signed because I hate pack spirit and the presumption of innocence must be defended,” he continues. The text “is not perfect” , he admits a posteriori, because it gives the impression “that because he [Gérard Depardieu] is a huge actor, that could put him above the law” . But “this does not free him, no more but no less than anyone else” .

For Yvan Attal, the platform is “not completely”

Actor and director Yvan Attal also acknowledged “discomfort” about this column that he signed although it “did not completely suit him” . “I did not sign (…) against women” , he clarified to BFM-TV, but Gérard Depardieu “has the right not to be lynched publicly (…) we must let justice speak” . The actor Gérard Darmon, on RTL, for his part regretted the content of the signed text. “Be careful not to say that by touching Depardieu, we are touching art. (…) It’s bullshit,” he admitted.

Among those who chose to speak out, Anouk Grinberg and Sophie Marceau, who had already denounced the “predatory” behavior of Gérard Depardieu in 2015 and returned to the subject in an interview with Paris Match. Isabelle Carré called in Elle to use this moment to say that “it is high time that [sexism] ended” . Clotilde Hesme and Judith Chemla are among the more than 600 signatories of an artists’ “counter-tribunal” published online by the Cerveaux non-available collective.

For her part, Charlotte Arnould, who filed a complaint against Gérard Depardieu, leading to his indictment in 2020 for rape and sexual assault, maintains discretion. The young actress thanked on Instagram those who support her during this period: “I blame the blows (…) it’s not in great shape. » And responded to the discomfort expressed by Carole Bouquet after signing the petition: “You had to think about it before, right? ! »

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