Taylor Swift Fans Are Having Fun With ‘Fokelore’ Typo in New Eras Tour Trailer: ‘Who Let Travis Edit the Promo Video?’

Taylor Swift Fans Are Having Fun With ‘Fokelore’ Typo in New Eras Tour Trailer: ‘Who Let Travis Edit the Promo Video?’


Turkey with a side of spell-check? Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour movie trailer for the extended version of the film is out now, but with misspelled album title Monday (Nov. 27) on two verified accounts associated with the superstar, and Swifties are having some fun with the oversight.

The typo in the new teaser follows Swift’s Monday announcement that her blockbuster concert film will be available to rent on-demand starting Dec. 13, aka her 34th birthday. Layered over action shots of the pop superstar performing onstage, silver letters spelling out the names of her 10 studio albums flash across the screen in the clip; however, only nine of those albums titles are spelled correctly.

In place of Swift’s Grammy winning 2020 record Folklore, the trailer reads: Fokelore. So close!

Billboard has reached out to Swift’s rep for comment.

At press time, the slightly imperfect trailer is still up on Taylor Nation and the film’s Instagram accounts. And the longer it goes unfixed, the funnier it seems to be getting for fans on social media.

Countless Swifties have been taking to Twitter to shares jokes ever since the new promo video was posted — all in good fun, of course. For instance, one person ribbed it with a play on a lyric from Swift’s Lover lead single “Me!,” writing, “i don’t think spelling is fun for taylor nation.”

Others joked that Swift’s boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, was to blame for the spelling error. The football star recently went viral after several of his decade-old tweets resurfaced online, many of them comprised of hilariously misspelled words. (See: “i just gave a squirle a peice of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!!”)

“okay who let travis edit the promo video???” teased one Swiftie, sharing a screenshot of the “Fokelore” frame.

“they’re really soulmates guys,” quipped another fan.

See some of the best fan reactions to the typo below:


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