Stalley Hopes to Inspire More Athletes to Rap With NBA Star Kevin Durant Collaboration ‘Scared Money’

A star-studded group chat filled with NBA ballers and rappers provided the genesis for a cross-industry collaboration between Stalley and Kevin Durant.

The Phoenix Suns All-Star temporarily traded in his buttery jump shot for a microphone as he teams up with the Blue Collar Gang rapper for the thumping “Scared Money,” which hit streaming services on Friday (Feb. 16).


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“One day we was talking and he was like, ‘Yo bro, send me a record to hop on,’” Stalley recalls being surprised to hear Durant was hungry to put his rhyming chops to the test late last summer.

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The Ohio-bred rapper listened to some unreleased Durant songs through a mutual friend to get acclimated with the EasyMoneySniper’s flow. Then it clicked in Stalley’s head to send over what became the beat for “Scared Money,” filled with bristling drums growling behind starry production.

“I had that sitting not for long [because] I was working on my album,” Stalley says. “I had just put the hook and verse on it and there was an open verse. I’m like, ‘I’ma send it to him and see what he thinks.’”

Much to the shock of Stalley, KD’s turnaround time was quicker than his release behind the three-point line. “He sent it right back,” Stall adds. “[Durant] sent it back faster than some rappers.”

Durant’s introspective bars find him comparing himself to the enigmatic NFL icon Randy Moss and paying tribute to his grandma, who passed away in Feb. 2022. He waxes poetic about his status among the NBA’s legends, while still displaying his hunger for more: “In this hoop world I’m Freddie, Jason/ I’m sitting in the places of greats but never complacent.”

The former NBA MVP isn’t exactly foreign to the rap world, as he’s had verses floating around dating back to the 2011 NBA lockout.

Drake also tapped KD to serve as an executive producer on his For All the Dogs project, as well as its Scary Hours reissue edition. Lil Wayne recently called Durant a “jewel” and a “backpack” rapper, while revealing they have a collaboration that the New Orleans legend is contemplating putting on Tha Carter VI.

As for Stalley, the 41-year-old was extremely impressed with Kevin Durant’s lyrical talents and thinks listeners will be “really shocked” in a good way after pressing play.

“You can tell he’s spent time finding his voice and comfortability while creating,” Stalley salutes Durant. “I didn’t want it to feel like we just jumped on a beat and started rapping. I wanted it to feel like a complete record. I wanted us to complement each other. It wasn’t about trying to out-rap somebody.”

Don’t expect this to be the last time Stalley and KD join forces on wax, as the former MMG rapper predicts they’ll have more records down the line — and even teases the possibility of a joint project.

“We been talking and possibly been shooting some ideas about maybe doing a collab project,” Stalley admits. “Finding a dope producer to produce maybe an EP with us. We definitely been having those conversations. We definitely will have more records that will drop.”

“Scared Money” serves as a single to provide momentum for Stalley to ride into his next album, titled Peerless, which will arrive at some point in mid-to-late March via his independent label.

Stalley hopes people seeing him work with Durant “inspires more athletes to make music.” “I’m hoping this gives them the confidence and excitement to step into the music,” the rapper states. “I’m all for people doing everything and expressing themselves.”

He circles back to credit the “brotherhood” formed in his group chat for ultimately leading to the collaboration with the two-time NBA Finals MVP. “Without us, maybe, speaking every day, this would have never happened,” Stalley admits.

Watch the “Scared Money” video and stream the single below.


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