‘SNL’: Please Don’t Destroy Guys Get Too High On Night Out With Ramy Youssef, Travis Scott

In tonight’s SNL sketch centered on the trio known as Please Don’t Destroy — John Higgins, Ben Marshall and Martin Herlihy — host Ramy Youssef stops by their writers’ room at 10:16 p.m., proposing “A Night Out with Travis.”

“Yo dudes, what’s up?” he says. “You won’t believe this, but I was just with Travis Scott and he wants to take us out tonight. Dude, we’re going to have a twisted, rockin’ ball with Travis Scott, man.”

“A what?” asks Herlihy.

“Like a twisted…um, why don’t we just go?” Youssef replies.

In a limo later that night, the guys begin to rap. The lyrics are as follows, in bold:

JOHN HIGGINS: On our way to the function, we smokin’ blunts and feeling so alive, all the honeys looking scrumptious.

BEN MARSHALL: Ain’t that something? My haters done in, I’m with Travis Scott and Ramy Youssef smoking dumb spliffs.

MARTIN HERLIHY: Yeah, we smoking weed, bitch. So many trees, bitch.

TRAVIS SCOTT: I’m getting high, it’s like I’m sitting on a ski lift. We getting faded, we feel amazing, life is like a movie…

RAMY YOUSSEF: Na, it’s like a painting.

Later, at the club, the guys continue smoking pot.

I think we got too high, Higgins sings, with bright red eyes.

“You good?” asks musical guest Scott.

Smoke too much and I got scared, Higgins continues, taking us back into song.

BEN MARSHALL: Haven’t smoked since high school, this is not fun.

MARTIN HERLIHY: If I close my eyes am I still, like, here?

BEN MARSHALL: Am I standing normal? Dude, where is Ramy?

JOHN HIGGINS: He did not smoke. Man, I bet he’s feeling awesome…

Ramy, however, is also freaking out, second-guessing his choice of attire.

RAMY YOUSSEF: Why did I wear shorts? Had so much time to change. I don’t even smoke weed, this is pure anxiety, and why did I say that thing before?

We flash back to his remark about “a twisted, rockin’ ball with Travis Scott.”

RAMY YOUSSEF: A twisted, rockin’ ball, that’s not a phrase, man. I’m really hoping everyone forgot that I said that.

MARTIN HERLIHY: What did twisted ball mean? A weird joke, I assume… Oh my god, Im in the women’s bathroom.

After Herlihy comes to this realization, things continue to escalate, as Ramy questions his decision to bring a “rolling backpack” to the club, and the Please Don’t Destroy guys realize they took CBD, not pot at all.

For video of the sketch, check back later.


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