SiriusXM’s ‘Billboard Women of Pop Countdown’ Returns, Celebrating Over 50 Years of Chart Hits

SiriusXM and Billboard are celebrating Women’s History Month with the Billboard Women of Pop Countdown.

The Billboard Women of Pop Countdown premiered March 11 on SiriusXM’s channel 79, where it will run through March 17. It’s also available on-demand on the SiriusXM app.

The feature, which first aired last year, spotlights the top songs by women from the start of the 1970s through — as newly updated — 2023, based on by performance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and via Billboard’s Greatest of All Time chart methodology. (Channel 79 will count down 1,000 songs, while the top 100 will air on-demand on the SiriusXM app.)

The Billboard Women of Pop Countdown spans classics from Olivia Newton-John to Olivia Rodrigo, “Kiss Me” to “Kiss Me More,” and Donna Summer to “Cruel Summer.”

The feature is part of SiriusXM’s She’s Got the Mic campaign, in which, every March, SiriusXM and Pandora celebrate Women’s History Month, amplifying women’s achievements and cultural and historical contributions.

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The Billboard Women of Pop Countdown marks the latest partnership between SiriusXM and Billboard. Recent airings include the Billboard Music Awards Channel, the Billboard #2 Countdown Channel and the Billboard Top 500 R&B Countdown. Additionally, SiriusXM’s Big 40 Countdown, on ’80s on 8, and the Back in the Day Replay, on ‘90s on 9, are based on historical weekly Hot 100 charts, with other current and classic charts counted down on channels including ’70s on 7, Prime Country and TikTok Radio.


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