SESAC Chooses KOSCAP to Represent Its Repertoire in Korea

SESAC Music Group today (March 5) announced a deal with the Korean Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (KOSCAP) that calls for KOSCAP to represent SESAC’s repertoire in Korea and for SESAC-owned Audiam to administer KOSCAP’s publishing rights in the U.S.  

The deal makes SESAC one of the first big collective management organizations (CMOs) to move its rights out of the established Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) to KOSCAP, a competitor that the government approved in 2014 to increase competition in the market. KOSCAP will represent SESAC’s online and offline performing rights in Korea, and the catalog of the Harry Fox Agency, the SESAC Music Group’s mechanical rights entity, will follow next year.  

The Audiam deal calls for that company, which the SESAC Music Group bought in 2021, to collect performing, mechanical and other audiovisual rights in the U.S. on behalf of KOSCAP.  

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Charles Park

Although this might seem like just another deal in the alphabet soup world of collective rights management, it highlights the growing competition among CMOs – and how that is leading to different kinds of international deals. In October, SESAC made a deal to have its offline performing rights in Italy managed by Soundreef, a private company just over a decade old, instead of the traditional society Italian collecting society, SIAE.  

“Why did we switch?” Alex Wolf, president of international of the SESAC Music Group, told Billboard about the KOSCAP deal. “We’re convinced about the competence and the responsiveness of the management and we’re convinced that we will increase our revenues. This is a bet on the future.”  

Just a decade ago, only a few markets had competition among CMOs, which didn’t compete with one another across borders. Since 2014, though, when the European Union passed the Directive on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing, European societies have had to compete for online rights in the EU, and many other countries have opened up as well. This has led to competition among established organizations, as well as new companies like Soundreef – both to represent writers and publishers and to make deals with foreign CMOs.  

“It’s a great honor to partner with SESAC, a global leader with a world-class catalog and one of the premier Performing Rights Management organizations in the world, along with Audiam’s innovative technology to administer our catalog in the US,” KOSCAP COO Charles Park said in the press release announcing the deal. 


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