“Living again”: two families waiting for an organ donation

Director Karim Dridi had left to make a documentary on the pediatric department of the Timone hospital in Marseille. Along the way, he finally narrowed his camera on two families awaiting a life-saving organ donation for their newborn. On one side Luna, 9 months old, waiting for a liver; on the other Selim, 3 months old, who needs a heart. Two small suffering bodies, crippled by pipes, surrounded by machines – an unbearable sight. And then the parents’ expectations.

Karim Dridi sticks to an ethic of simplicity which is intended to be quite remarkable. Revivre never plays the card of false modesty (close-ups are required) and, conversely, does not feel the obligation to add to its subject, already enormous, the slightest formal effect which would draw us a little more tears.

The viewer never leaves the hospital, nor the intimacy of these two couples who take turns caring for their child and tinkering with a semblance of daily life – we hope, we despair, we fret, we wait an organ, that is to say, the death of another child. By plunging into reality, the director has found all the elements of fiction: unforgettable characters and faces, immense suspense, death which lurks, and life which is never too far away. It’s quite simple and yet it’s this simplicity that is quite overwhelming.


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