Reneé Rapp Is So ‘Mother’ in New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos With Jacob Elordi

Reneé Rapp Is So ‘Mother’ in New ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos With Jacob Elordi


We’re guessing 6-foot-5 actor Jacob Elordi isn’t often called “baby girl,” but that’s just what Reneé Rapp and Bowen Yang label him in new Saturday Night Live promos, released Thursday night (Jan. 18).

“Reneé, you were so right. He is so baby girl,” SNL castmember Yang says after Elordi announces his hosting gig, to which musical guest Rapp responds: “I know. That’s what I said. He is so baby girl.”

“Me? I’m a baby girl?” Elordi asks. “So what’s Reneé?”

“Oh, I’m mother,” Rapp responds — citing a moniker she’s often given by her adoring fans on social media. “And I’m big, wrinkly son!” Yang proudly declares.

Elordi is hosting the NBC sketch comedy show for the very first time this weekend after starring in his two biggest films to date last year: playing Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla and the irresistible Felix in Emerald Fennell’s black comedy Saltburn. Rapp will also make her SNL debut this weekend as the musical guest, a week after the release of the Mean Girls musical movie, in which she reprises her Broadway role as Regina George.

Elsewhere in the promos, Yang plays off Elordi’s heartthrob status, saying as he fans himself: “More like ‘Jacob Oh Lordy!’ Am I the first person to say that?”

Elordi lets Yang know that he’s not even the first person that hour to make the pun, with Rapp imploring him: “Bowen, just stop.”

“Wow, Reneé! You really are a Mean Girls,” Yang shoots back — awkward plural and all.

SNL returns on Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.


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