Rebel Wilson Reveals Why She Thinks ‘600 Calories’ A Day Is Totally Okay

Rebel Wilson likely had some feeling that her claim that 600 calories a day is just fine to be a bit controversial. The Pitch Perfect actress made headlines from 2020 onwards as she dropped a total of 80 pounds, although she did recently gain a little back. Sticking to diet changes and upping her exercise, Rebel whittled down as she stuck to her “Year of Health” resolution for 2020, later opening up about how many calories she ate while losing weight. The average woman needs around 2,000 per calories per day.

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Says 600 Calories Per Day Is Enough

Scroll for more photos. Speaking in 2023, Rebel revealed:

“I was just actually in a program where I learned about food, and they taught us that you don’t really need as many calories as you think,” adding: “Everyone thinks that you need to eat so much [and] your body needs it, but the truth is your body doesn’t need a lot of calories, and I know that might sound crazy to some people, but if you eat right and you eat small portions, you’ll be just fine.” Here, the Hollywood star that she’s been told that you “really only need about 600 calories a day.” Confirming her point, she continued that people “don’t need 1,500 or 1,200.” For Wilson, you “just don’t need all that food.”

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Set A Weight Loss Goal

Of kicking off her weight loss journey, the blonde also shared:

“When I first started my diet I set a goal weight because I needed some kind of goal I needed something to work towards but once I started losing the weight I thought maybe I could do more?” She’d initially set the goal at a weight loss of 75 pounds, then discovering that she could go “further,” although she did admit that is isn’t easygoing.

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Admits Using Ozempic

Celebrities galore are now being accused of using weight loss drug Ozempic. While stars including Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera have stayed silent as fans allege they’re using it, others including Sharon Osbourne and Oprah Winfrey have openly admitted to taking Ozempic.

 Rebel actually used Ozempic during her 2020 journey, long before the drug had become mainstream. “Someone like me could have a bottomless appetite for sweets, so I think those drugs can be good,” she said, defending the drug.

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Looking Much Slimmer Poolside

The above Instagram photo reminded fans that Rebel is, indeed, a shadow of her former self. Looking pretty in pink as she dressed up in a belted Valentino dress for a poolside snap, Rebel highlighted her slimmed-down waist as she smiled for the camera, adding to the pile of snaps showing her looking much healthier. Of how her weight loss factored into her identity in Hollywood, Rebel also shared: “People thought I’d lose my pigeonhole in my career, playing the fat funny character, and they wanted me to continue in that.”


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