“Rebel Moon.” Part 1: Child of Fire”, on Netflix: the galactic routine according to Zack Snyder

“Rebel Moon.” Part 1: Child of Fire”, on Netflix: the galactic routine according to Zack Snyder


On the eve of the release of the first half of Rebel Moon on Netflix, Friday December 22, director Zack Snyder announced that the film was born from a scenario set in the Star Wars universe, once proposed to Lucasfilm, at the time of the sale of the studio to Disney, in 2012. The story will serve as a defense against accusations of plagiarism that can be compiled during the two and something hours of Rebel Moon. Part 1: child of fire .

From the discovery of a peaceful agricultural community suddenly plunged into an intergalactic conflict to the final confrontation between a warrior with a heavy heritage and a barely human adversary dressed in black, we will never be disoriented. Zack Snyder likes to nestle in pre-existing ecosystems, from ancient Greece ( 300 , in 2007) to the DC comics universe ( Justice League , in 2017). Here, he arranges the cosmogony once imagined by George Lucas in the manner of a teenager who covers the walls of his room to hide the wallpaper, without changing the arrangement of the furniture.

The bad guys are dressed half in Stalinist fashion, half as if they came out of a Miyazaki nightmare. Kora (Sofia Boutella), the fierce fighter who found refuge on Veldt, the harsh moon, appears under the guise of a punk version of Rey, the heroine of the latest Star Wars trilogies, her companions like an interplanetary version of The Mercenary Seven .

Dialogues of infinite platitude

The catalog of references and borrowings is endless. It is all the easier to establish because, while watching the film, nothing other than comparison with the models excites the spectator’s electroencephalogram. Already hampered by the stereotypes which were used to construct their characters, the actors are stifled by dialogues of infinite flatness.

To stand out, Charlie Hunnam, as a mercenary trained at the Han Solo school, adopts a Gaelic accent, but that’s not enough. No more than the homicidal madness of Admiral Noble (Ed Skrein), which would not scare a PAW Patrol fan.

Various calculations, based on the amount of aid from the State of California obtained by Netflix to finance Rebel Moon (i.e. $35 million for both parties), estimate the total cost of the company at $166 million. We will wait for the second part to be put online, in April 2024, to form a definitive opinion. So far, from California taxpayers to Netflix subscribers, no one has gotten their money’s worth.

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