Reba McEntire Denies Taylor Swift Diss, North West’s First On-Cam Interview & More | Billboard News

We spent the weekend at Rolling Loud California, and here is everything you may have missed! Country legend Reba McEntire denies dissing Taylor Swift. North West gave her first on-camera interview at Rolling Loud this weekend and discussed her debut album, ‘Elementary School Dropout.’ Taeyong of NCT is set to enlist for mandatory military service next month. New songs enter the Hot 100 top 10 with Drake and Ariana Grande, Benson Boone and Teddy Swims hit new highs, and we crown a new No. 1. We caught up with Sexyy Red at Rolling Loud, and more!

Tetris Kelly
Reba denies dissing Taylor, Taeyong is set to join the military and North West’s first on-camera interview. I catch up with Sexyy Red, we reveal who tops this week’s Billboard Hot 100 and Lainey Wilson gives her younger self some advice. I’m Tetris Kelly it’s Monday, March 18th, and I’m tired from an epic weekend at Rolling Loud. This is Billboard News. So we’re gonna break it all down for you. But first, here’s three things you need to know. Reba McEntire shuts down rumors of dissing Taylor Swift. The country legend took to IG to post the headline claiming she called Taylor “an entitled brat” at this year’s Super Bowl. She said, “Please don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. I did not say this. Taylor is a wonderful artist, strong role model and has done so much good for so many people and the music industry.” Country girls got to stay together, and to whoever runs the America Loves Liberty Facebook account, if you’re gonna make up a story about Reba at least spell her name right.

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