Quavo Prepares to Enter His André 3000 Era in Tokyo With the Purchase of a Flute

Quavo Prepares to Enter His André 3000 Era in Tokyo With the Purchase of a Flute


André 3000 has been breaking records with his flute-forward solo album New Blue Sun. And while the no rapping, finger-snapping ambient jazz collection has disappointed some OutKast fans who were hoping for the first fresh bars from 3 Stacks in more than 20 years, it has clearly had a huge impact of fellow A-town MC, Quavo.

The Migos member has been chronicling his whirlwind visit to Japan on his Instagram over the past two weeks, and in one of his latest videos he appears open to following in André’s footsteps. Watching a street vendor show off his flute skills, Quavo asks someone off camera, “can you give me one? I want one. I want a flute,” he says as the man calmly trills behind him.

In the same post, Quavo is seen rapping on a monitor in what appears to be footage from a new music video for an unnamed song. Earlier in the week, Huncho posted a series of pics in which he chilled near a classic car with a tall stack of cash, as well as a shot of him eating sushi off the body of a naked woman, rocking a black kimono — which appears to be part of a costume for the same video — and breaking a board with his fist in a dojo. And, in the latest tribute to his late Migos bandmate, TakeOff, Quavo also appeared in a video with a shirtless Japanese fans who, literally, gave Huncho the TakeOff shirt off his back as a present, with the rapper dubbing his new favorite city “Tokyo-off.”

Quavo recently released his new Huncho Farms Cookbook, just in time for Thanksgiving, while providing meals for those in need.

Watch Quavo’s search for a magic flute below (video appears in fourth slide).


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