Porter Robinson Announces New Album ‘Is Done’

After scrubbing his Instagram account earlier Friday (March 1), Porter Robinson quickly clued fans in about why with the announcement that he’s releasing a new album, and that this project is ready to go.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

“The new album is done,” Robinson wrote on social media, where he also posted a photo of himself holding a large, pink iridescent star with faces spray painted onto it. The shot shows him in a black sweater with green undershirt and a green scarf, shaggy hair and a scowling face. It’s unclear if this image is related to the album’s cover art. The title of the project has not yet been announced.

That post was quickly followed by another, this one a video of Robinson in the studio playing a very elastic-y sounding electronic track with a rave light behind him and cartoon face — potentially a logo or cover art for the new project — layered over his head. The caption reads “#NEWMUSIC.”

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The forthcoming project will be Robinson’s third studio LP, following his 2021 album Nurture, which itself was a long-awaited followup to his 2014 classic Worlds. Both albums hit the Billboard 200, Worlds at No. 18 and Nurture at No. 52.  In late 2017, Robinson also released a five-track EP under an alias, Virtual Self, an homage to late-’90s and early-’00s rave music. Its single “Ghost Voices” earned a Grammy Award nod for best dance recording.

“I thought about almost all of Nurture through the lens of pop music in the sense that it’s verse/chorus driven,” Robinson told Billboard in 2021, “but I was never thinking radio.” Still, Nurture single “Look At the Sky” not only hit dance radio, but crossed over, reaching No. 42 on Rock & Alternative Airplay.

Robinson has been active in the live scene over the last few years, putting on his Second Sky Festival in 2019 and 2022 and playing the mainstage at Coachella in 2023, along with a variety of other festivals. Hear his New Year’s Eve 2023 set from Countdown in Southern California here.

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