Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole: A Timeline of Their Relationship

In 2022, the remix of the single “Por Las Noches” united Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole.

“Just thank you for making this song. It’s amazing how you describe everything I feel right now, you are very talented. Keep killing it,” the Argentine rapper and singer posted on her Instagram stories in October 2022 about the single originally released by the Mexican star in 2021. To this, Peso responded with an invitation to collaborate on the remix of the song: “Thanks to my friend Nicki Nicole for posting me, for sharing the song. I say let’s do the remix.”

On March 1, 2023, the video for the collaboration arrived.

Months later, the couple appeared together on stages, walked red carpets and attended awards ceremonies, until their latest public appearance at the Los Angeles Lakers game in L.A. on Feb. 8.

Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, however, Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma are apparently over. At least that’s what she hinted at with a strong statement she shared on social media after removing her and the Mexican singer’s photos from her Instagram account.

“Respect is a necessary part of love,” Nicole posted on an Instagram Story on Tuesday (Feb. 13). “What is loved, is respected. What is respected, is cared for. When you are not cared for and there is no respect, I don’t stay there. I leave. It is with great sorrow that I found out the same way you did, thank you for the love you are sending me.”

Her bold statement comes a day after a video of Peso Pluma holding hands with another woman in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend went viral. Nicki Nicole’s team declined to make additional comments on the matter. Billboard contacted a representative for Peso Pluma, who at the time of this publication had not responded.

Here is a timeline of the relationship between Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole:


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