Olga Tañón Delivers Fiery Medley, Receives ‘Excelencia’ Award at Premio Lo Nuestro 2024

At the 36th edition of Premio Lo Nuestro, held at the Kaseya Center in Miami on Thursday (Feb. 22), Olga Tañón, affectionately known as “La Mujer de Fuego,” delivered a joyous, fiery medley that will be remembered as a highlight of the evening.



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See latest videos, charts and news

Wearing a captain’s cap and a metallic getup, the merengue icon — known for her electrifying stage presence — took the audience on a journey with her biggest hits, including “Es Mentiroso,” “Mi Forma de Ser,” and “La Gran Fiesta.” She soon after changed to wear a sparkly red outfit, while her group of dancers wore leather chaps and inspired the audience to get up on their feet. Her performance not only showcased her unparalleled talent and energy, but also served as a vibrant celebration of her career.

Following her dynamic performance, Tañón was honored with the Premio Lo Nuestro a la Excelencia, an award that recognizes artists who have not only built an impeccable musical legacy, but have also served as pioneers in their genre.

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Her genre peer and fellow icon, Victor Manuelle, gave her the award. He said, “I am just as excited as you are right now. Speaking on behalf of all Latinos, but above all, in the name of our Island of Enchantment, for the great artist, great mother, and great friend … As they say, empowered, La mujer de fuego!”

Tañon responded: “I need my friend, my brother Victor Manuelle to be with me, because not only does it represent a wonderful award for me, but that you would give it to me. I consider you my friend, my brother, part of my flag and part of yours too.”

In her acceptance speech, she shared heartfelt words: “To everyone who has had to do with this, to my dad who always told me that the most beautiful word you can say in life is thank you. Thanks to everyone who started with me, to my work team, thank you, to my parents who are upstairs dancing merengue, who take good care of us. But above all thanks to my children that I leave them to continue working after 38 years of career. I love you guys. I know you are watching me. Thanks to my husband … And to all of us who have independent company, and we have to work a little bit more. And to you guys thank you very much for the trust. Puerto Rico!”

Olga Tañon is the artist with the most wins in the history of Premio Lo Nuestro.


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