Nardo Wick Responds to Viral Video of Fan Being Assaulted by Security After His Show

Nardo Wick Responds to Viral Video of Fan Being Assaulted by Security After His Show

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A video showing two members of Nardo Wick‘s entourage knocking out a fan who was trying to ask for a photo made the rounds on social media earlier Tuesday (Nov. 28), and now Wick has released a statement.

The video, filmed after Wick’s performance at Club Skye in Tampa, Fla., on Monday night, shows a man approaching the “Who Want Smoke?” rapper before being stopped and then punched repeatedly by two men as he falls to the ground. As he’s being assaulted, a voice believed to be Wick’s can be heard in the background telling the men to “chill.” (You can watch the video here; warning that it’s violent.)

The Tampa Police Department said in a statement they are “interested in speaking to anyone who witnessed the incident or may have information that would assist in identifying the suspects.” The victim’s mother took to Facebook in an attempt to bring attention to the situation, posting, “My son wanted a stupid f—in picture with his favorite artist!!! And this is what he gets!!! I am sick to my stomach to think about how this could have turned out!!!!”

Wick, who initially refused to respond to TMZ‘s request for comment about the video, posted a statement to his Instagram page.

The Jacksonville, Fla., rapper wrote: “I don’t condone what happened to my fan George after my show in any type of way, I expressed to him and his mama how sorry and concerned I was that it happened to him, multiple times before anything was even posted or on the internet. I sent his mama my number instantly the night it happened. I was even gone make a post to try to find out who he was before his mama text me. I cant control another grown man actions, I ain’t know that was gone happen, and I was mad when it happened. I tried to stop it as u can see in the video, and if somebody got the longer video you can see how mad I was, I love and appreciate all my fans and don’t condone in what happened at all dat sh– ain’t gangsta or cool in no type of way.”

A spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department said they are currently investigating the situation and that the victim is in “critical, but stable condition.”


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