Max Gomis, the diligent child of French cinema

Max Gomis, the diligent child of French cinema


Sitting on the bench of a café in the 2nd arrondissement, in Paris, he stands up when we arrive, unfolding with grace, almost in slow motion, his imposing figure of 1.87 meters. Sportsman’s build, deep gaze imbued with kindness, Max Gomis impresses, as they say. And disarm. Concerned, from the first question, to do well, starting from the beginning, his birth in Arpajon (Essonne), on December 20, 1989, his place among the siblings, the fourth and last child of his parents together – “because, afterwards, my father had others” – the move ten years later to Vigneux-sur-Seine (in the same department), where he still lives. Without desire to leave.

We hardly dare interrupt him, as he complies with the exercise, like a diligent child, taking care to follow the exact chronology of his journey, taking care to date each of the steps that counted, without digressing, thus keeping the course until trust has been established. So, the interview, which turned into conversation, continued well beyond the set deadline, marked by an unusual frankness.

Director Cédric Ido, who introduced him to us, in 2023, in his superb film Gravity , says about him: “Max is communicative, touching and extremely sensitive. His beautiful appearance, of which he is not aware, hides a profound lack of self-confidence. » Hardworking too, and grateful. The actor never stops praising the merits of Cédric Ido, who chose him to play Daniel, a young man from the suburbs caught between several fires (family, generational, cosmic conflict) who, when evening comes, trains to race to win his place at the championships. “The character was described as an athlete. However, since the birth of my daughter, in 2017, I had gained a lot of weight and no longer really played football [her great passion] . Yet Cédric believed in me. It took audacity. I had to give back to him a hundredfold, not to disappoint him. »

Two months before filming, Max Gomis prepares. With the help of a nutritionist and a coach, he lost 10 kilograms, gained muscle, and learned running techniques. “I got high. And, during filming, Cédric wrung me out. But I thank him for it. Thanks to him, I am included in the list of Revelations for the Caesars. » Cédric Ido nevertheless had to hang on. Certainly, he had encountered Max several times, had seen him in Jérôme Maldhé’s medium-length film Dom Juan sur Seine (2010), had liked the interiority of his acting and thought of him for La Gravité . But now, the actor had given up. “He no longer had an agent. It took me weeks to find him. He had just left a demo tape on YouTube with an email address, thanks to which I was able to contact him,” remembers the director.

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