Lizzo Wishes Fans a Merry ‘Binchmas’ in Intricate Grinch Costume: See Her Green Makeover

Lizzo Wishes Fans a Merry ‘Binchmas’ in Intricate Grinch Costume: See Her Green Makeover


Lizzo made her fans’ hearts double in size this week when the “About Damn Time” singer took to Instagram to share her annual holiday-themed photo shoot ahead of Christmas this year.

The pop star channeled the spirit of The Grinch, donning bright green body paint and a matching curly wig, furry hands and a white peppermint-printed dress with fur trimming, complete with a starlight-mint purse and shoes to match. “BINCHMAS,” the 35-year-old sassily captioned the set of festive photos.

Elsewhere on Lizzo’s Instagram feed, she shared a behind-the-scenes video of her Grinchy makeup routine in the style of a “get ready with me” video. The clip contained several creative new plot points from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, with Lizzo telling viewers how she once had a crush on a Who but was made fun of for the color of her skin and due to the “racist” remarks was inspired to terrorize the town and steal Christmas gifts from families. “This Grinch costume is the only thing saving me from depression rn,” she captioned a separate video that contained the finished product.

Lizzo’s Lady Grinch costume is the latest in a string of holiday dress-ups. Last Christmas, the four-time Grammy winner dressed as an NSFW candy cane and referenced the famous furry grouch in another Grinch-inspired costume. In 2021, she did a Christmas-tree homage that featured her in a red tinsel updo wig with Christmas ornaments, in which she referred to herself as Mrs. Grinch.

See Lizzo’s Lady Grinch look in the photos and videos below.


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