Lil Nas X Gets Back to Rapping in Fiery New Music Teaser

Lil Nas X is preparing his Nasarati 2 mixtape and he’s been firing off snippets of music taking the temperature of the direction fans want to see him go.

His latest music teaser came via TikTok on Wednesday (March 13) where he tapped into his fiery rapping side with the slippery unreleased track. The 24-year-old previewed the snippet in what appears to be an airport terminal with guests walking by holding their luggage.

“My big sis just had another baby, popped him out the labia/ My other nephew sitting in class with a broken nephew, he had to beat a n—a ass for talking about his uncle/ Now listen, I ain’t saying I condone that sh–/ F— it, I’m saying I condone that sh–,” Nas X raps.

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Fans seemed to be receptive to the song as one person chimed in: “Lil nas cooked on this one ngl.”

Over the weekend, Lil Nas X admitted he’s been struggling with choosing songs due to fears of perception and success so he fired off a handful of snippets for fans to select their favorites.

“Been hoarding music for years smh i hate my relationship with fear of my songs not doing well and perception. i wish i could just release music and not give af,” he wrote to Instagram.

One of the viral snippets — tentatively titled “Trust Me” — saw Nas X not holding back describing sexual encounters growing up, which caused him to issue a statement alleging he’s not doing this for shock value.

“I hate explaining myself every time i do anything, but this is not for shock. this is me telling my story, y’all being uncomfortable by it does not make it a gimmick,” he wrote on X earlier this week. “This is for me and my fans fuck everybody else.”

The “Old Town Road” artist kicked off the year with his polarizing “J Christ” single in January, which peaked at No. 69 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Listen to the Lil Nas X snippets below.


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