Cinema releases: “Without ever knowing us”, “female dog of red”, “20,000 species of bees”…


This week in theaters: the very beautiful feature film by British director Andrew Haigh, a fantastic film and a love tragedy, illuminated by a dazzling quartet of actors; Yamina Zoutat’s documentary on blood – the common thread of a personal story that resonates with the times; the delicate story of a child who, during a vacation in the Basque Country, asserts her free identity.

“Without ever knowing ourselves”: the author, his desire and his ghosts

Adam (Andrew Scott) appears for a moment as the very embodiment of boredom and loneliness, cloistered in a large apartment at the top of an almost empty London tower. The irruption of a Dionysian neighbor (Paul Mescal) propels the screenwriter lacking inspiration into a marvelous and perilous journey to the borders between life and death, between memory and creation.

Director Andrew Haigh ( Weekend, 45, the Looking series) films the miracles – Adam finds his parents (Claire Foy and Jamie Bell) as they were when he was 11 – and the romantic passion passing from heat to burn, without ever losing any of its delicacy. As first violin in an impeccable quartet of actors, Andrew Scott is moving. T.S.

“female dog of red”: a whole life on the red thread of blood

It is one of those films that sows little stones that we want to follow without really knowing where they will lead us. Just because the resonance between the images and the voice-over opens a singular, labyrinthine path, belonging only to one person, whose common thread here is blood: “I woke up one morning with this desire: to film blood. » Thus begins the documentary by Yamina Zoutat ( Return to the Palace , 2017), former judicial columnist for television, who followed the contaminated blood trial in 1999.

In Chienne de rouge , we follow pell-mell and, beyond the flow of menstrual flows, filmed live, a young man transporting blood, a professor of medicine specializing in transplants, a woman who comes back to life thanks to a cell donation… Yamina Zoutat captures the era without dictating a message, through a telescoping of minimalist images, which gradually take on their coherence, the filmmaker pulling the threads of her existence to connect them to the world that surrounds her. surrounded. Cl.F.

“20,000 species of bees”: an emergence of identity among hives

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