The “World’s” favorite films in 2023

The “World’s” favorite films in 2023



Chosen from among the countless theatrical releases for the year 2023, the twenty-five films that we are offering you reflect our favorites in all cinematographic genres, from romantic comedies to thrillers, including comedy films. horror or the autobiographical story.

The selection of Véronique Cauhapé

Burt Fabelman (Paul Dano), Mitzi Fabelman (Michelle Williams) and Bennie Loewy (Seth Rogen, back) in “The Fabelmans,” by Steven Spielberg.

1. “The Fabelmans”, by Steven Spielberg

2. “Anatomy of a fall”, by Justine Triet

3. “Love and the Forests”, by Valérie Donzelli

4. “Travels in Italy”, by Sophie Letourneur

5. “Simple as Sylvain”, by Monia Chokri

At a time when artificial intelligence is fueling debates and fears, let us return to what technology and its battalions of algorithms have not yet completely succeeded in tackling: the singularity of the human being, the complexity of the feelings that he animate and shape it, the chances of life, the beauty of encounters and the disaster which they sometimes accompany. Random trajectories which the filmmakers seize, feeling the desire, like Steven Spielberg, to return to the origins of his own story. Childhood in New Jersey, the founding shock experienced, as a child, in the darkness of a movie theater and the devastating shock of a mother leaving home shaped all of Spielberg’s work before coming to assemble, with splendor, in The Fabelmans . The great affair of a life – love and its swampy areas, reflections of the unconscious – served, in this year 2023, for the dizzying trial of a woman and the scalpel analysis of a couple ( Anatomy of ‘a fall , by Justine Triet). Couple becoming terrifying in Valérie Donzelli, who, in Love and the Forests , tightens the noose around her heroine, a radiant young wife who is gradually extinguished by the influence of her husband to the point of asphyxiation . Nothing like this in Travels in Italy , by Sophie Letourneur, a beautiful (or almost) escape of a couple fleeing weariness to better return there. No more than in Simple like Sylvain , where love gives wings, ignoring social differences, even if it means colliding and having to give up.

The selection of Maroussia Dubreuil

Théo (Samuel Kircher) and Anne (Léa Drucker) in “Last Summer”, by Catherine Breillat.

1. “Last Summer”, by Catherine Breillat

2. “Tár,” by Todd Field

3. “The Fabelmans”, by Steven Spielberg

4. “Anatomy of a Fall”, by Justine Triet

5. “Blackbird, Blackberry,” by Elene Naveriani

For many years, actresses over 40 were part of the invisible minority in cinema, quickly moving from mother roles to grandmother roles, less lively and less heroic than their male counterparts. Then, they disappeared from the screens. The year 2023 has changed the situation. We have never been so moved by the performances of actresses serving powerful protagonists. It is to them that the directors, men and women, have paid all their attention, leaving the spectators free to wander through their stories, without remaining stuck to the ambient moralism. Among them, Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett), a genius conductor and monster of selfishness; Sandra (Sandra Hüller), successful writer, suspected of having killed her partner; Anne (Léa Drucker), renowned lawyer, specializing in child protection, who falls under the spell of a 17-year-old young man; Ethéro (Eka Chavleishvili), a gruff grocer who discovers love late in life without wanting to give up her independence. And then, Mitzi (Michelle Williams), a disappointed mother and pianist, whose manicured nails click on the keyboard… Around them, nothing exists but their inner world, the mechanisms of which the filmmakers set out to describe unconscious, violence and hidden beauties. Often, they have resorted to the sovereignty of the unreal to say what has long been silenced.

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