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Science fiction is not just a genre, but a way of seeing the world in the form of a maze. The outings of the week are not deprived of it. Universal Theory in the lead which, recreating a conference of scientists in the 1960s, wanders into the overheated imagination of a young quantum researcher in search of parallel worlds. With L’Empire , Bruno Dumont replays Star Wars between the dunes and pavilions of his beloved Côte d’Opale. As for the prolific South Korean Hong Sang-soo, with Walk Up he unfolds the life of a man between the corridors and floors of a building in Seoul.

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“Universal Theory”: journey inside a head

This is a film that does not lack ambition. However, it is “only” a second feature film, signed by a certain Timm Kröger, a 38-year-old director who, until now, has mainly worked as a cinematographer.

In 1962, in a large hotel in the Swiss Alps, lost in the snowy heights, a scientific conference was organized which brought together the best of physicists. An obsessive and shy young student, Johannes Leinert (Jan Bülow) goes there under the guidance of his thesis director, skeptical of his research on the existence of parallel worlds. There, nothing goes as planned: the disciple falls in love with a mysterious pianist, a time traveler.

Presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival in 2023, Universal Theory offers an original and dreamy variation on the multiverse, a notion drawn from quantum physics. The film is striking in its way of rediscovering the paranoid climate of the Cold War in a black and white image soaked in the anxieties of post-expressionism. Ma. Mt.

“The Empire”: War of the Worlds

After France (2021), foray into the world of media, Bruno Dumont continues his journey into the mass imagination by tackling space opera, from the Star Wars saga to 2001: A Space Odyssey . With the announcement of the birth of Margat, child of Darkness born from the union of a couple of humans, the intergalactic forces of Good and Evil meet in the North, on the Opal Coast, to confront each other. On Earth, two clans face each other: Jane and Rudy, warriors of the forces of Good and disciples of the Queen (Camille Cottin). On the Evil side, Line and Jony, commissioned by Belzébuth (Fabrice Luchini), gesticulating aboard his cathedral ship.

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