Films showing: “Une famille”, “Averroès & Rosa Parks”, “Bis repetita”, “Hors-saison”…


The documentary takes the lion’s share this week. In Une famille , the novelist Christine Angot uses the camera as a crowbar for the first time to question those close to her about the incest she suffered in her adolescence. With Averroès & Rosa Parks , Nicolas Philibert continues a triptych on psychiatry, of which Sur l’Adamant had constituted the first part, and invites himself to other places, in this case the ad hoc units of the Esquirol hospital in Saint-Maurice (Val-de-Marne). In The World Is Theirs , two teachers from Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis), Jérémie Fontanieu and David Benoît, experiment with a new way of teaching.

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“A family”: losses and upheaval

We knew her as a novelist, screenwriter, adapted to cinema and theater, here she is now a director. Christine Angot was born Schwartz, in Châteauroux in 1959, to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father, who abandoned her and did not recognize her until the age of 13. It was then that Pierre Angot regularly began to rape the teenager.

Returning to Strasbourg, the city of rape, Christine Angot takes on board the cinematographer Caroline Champetier, whose task here is complicated by being the witness and support of the novelist launched, through the cinema, into a new attempt at reformulation of the misfortune which partially destroyed it. The result is a bristling, brawling documentary, in which Christine Angot goes around to her loved ones to ask them the question of how they each view the incest she suffered. What this shattering home movie deplores is the absence of his father’s home and, with it, the love, tenderness and protection that the filmmaker would have had the right to owe him. Ja. My.

“Averroes & Rosa Parks”: through the looking glass

A year after having filmed the original space of the Adamant ( Sur l’Adamant , 2023), a barge housing a day hospital on the waves of the Seine, in Paris, and obtaining the Golden Bear for it the Berlinale in 2023, Nicolas Philibert persists, opening the sails of a documentary triptych devoted to psychiatry. Averroès & Rosa Parks is the second part. To shoot it, he went to meet the staff of the eponymous units of the Esquirol hospital in Saint-Maurice (Val-de-Marne).

In front of the camera different patients and practitioners follow one another, with the time it takes for the suffering to be expressed. Even more than “cases” , it is people that the film reveals and, with them, life journeys.

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