Films showing: “May December”, “The Man of Clay”, “La Grace”, “The Last of the Jews”…

Films showing: “May December”, “The Man of Clay”, “La Grace”, “The Last of the Jews”…



Beautiful tandems are taking over the rooms this week. One leading to the vampiric relationship between a news item heroine and the actress who is preparing to play her on screen; the other orchestrating the disturbing encounter between a posh Parisian artist and her model, a shy colossus from the countryside; yet another takes us, alongside a father and his daughter, on a long journey across Russia.

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“May December”: the actress in the mirror of her subject

A famous actress wants to meet the heroine of an old news story. She prepares to play her on screen and shows up at her home, a comfortable house in Savannah, Georgia. She gives him a package that had been left on the threshold: a box containing excrement that a neighbor, we guess, left in front of the door.

This is how the new film by American director Todd Haynes begins, who seems to renounce here these chic and distanced reconstructions of classic melos confronted with “modern” subjects – racism, homosexuality – which have earned him a sort of recognition critical.

This introduction has, in any case, a dual function, that of outlining the existence of a painful and “dirty” precedence with regard to society, but also of summarizing what the future program will be. The newcomer, guided by an abject motivation, will gradually reveal a destructive desire, by attempting to transform into trash what had never been thought of as such.

Inspired, in part, by a true story, May December therefore promises to be a psychological dive, precise and subtle, at the heart of which an apparent societal argument gives way to a mechanism of possession and vampirization.

May December is the story of a ruthless mimetic rivalry, an incredibly complex film, shot through with troubled emotions and populated with secrets, true or false, a film which resonates in a very unexpected way today. J.-FR

“The Man of Clay”: sculpture of desire

This very first successful film is first of all a lesson in economics: how to do a lot with not much, not burn out your ammunition too quickly, go the distance… So it is with the first feature film of Anaïs Tellenne – trained actress – who attended the Venice Film Festival in 2023, and who, from a restricted premise, obtains real fictional delights.

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