Films showing: “The Chimera”, “Fremont”, “Suddenly, Alone”, “Building 5”…

Films showing: “The Chimera”, “Fremont”, “Suddenly, Alone”, “Building 5”…



This week is dedicated to the proven therapeutic role of cinema. Console the dead to better love the living ( The Chimera ). Redeeming an Afghan exile with fortune cookies ( Fremont ). Reviving a couple in the middle of a storm ( Suddenly Alone ). Giving Voice to Trans Sex Workers ( Kokomo City ). Repairing the broken hearts of animals ( Le Grand Magasin ). One ticket is enough.

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“The Chimera”: a grave robber, in love with a dead woman

Rising star of Italian auteur cinema, Alice Rohrwacher offers with this Chimera the fourth feature film of a very original work which likes nothing more than to probe the jolting grandeur of alternative universes in an increasingly standardized and impoverished world .

The film, discreetly Fellinian, depicts the return of a great English swindler, Arthur, to a small village on the Tyrrhenian coast. There, after a stay in prison, he joined a merry band of “tombolari” , these Etruscan tomb robbers who robbed ancient necropolises first to feed themselves, and then to feed the very lucrative contraband market for ancient art. Arthur, a rather dark boy, is also a great romantic who burns with an inconsolable love for Beniamina, a young blonde girl whose memory comes back to him through brief solar visions, even though she seems to have indeed joined the kingdom of the dead .

In the curious intertwining of a staging which favors atmosphere rather than intrigue, Arthur, the nerve center of this gentle maelstrom, will have to choose between fidelity to the spirit of the dead or desecration, through their prodigious legacy. , of life itself. J.Ma.

“Fremont”: tenderness for the beauty and strength of the weak

Drawn in the curves of childhood, the face that we see occupying the entire image and which will be in almost every shot delivers a gentleness full of determination. This is undoubtedly due to the direct and frank gaze which illuminates it. Donya (Anaita Wali Zada), a 21-year-old Afghan refugee, former translator for the US army and expatriate when the Taliban returned to power, now lives in Fremont, California. There she found a new job in a small family fortune cookie factory run by a Chinese immigrant couple. In the evening, she dines alone in a small neighborhood restaurant, before returning to her studio, where she struggles to fall asleep.

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