Films showing: “Conann”, “Augure”, “Thanksgiving”, “Le Temps d’aimer”…

Films showing: “Conann”, “Augure”, “Thanksgiving”, “Le Temps d’aimer”…



This week in theaters, spectators will have plenty of time to choose from the barbaric fantasy of Bertrand Mandico, Conann , where the filmmaker summons a procession of infernal creatures, the odyssey of Augure , the first feature-length film of Baloji, a baroque and delirious fable of returning home, or even Thanksgiving. The Week of Horror , the latest horror charge from Eli Roth, combining bloodthirsty fear and political satire against the frenzies of “Black Friday”.


“Conann”: new barbarian era

Each Bertrand Mandico film seems to contain a scintillating concentrate of the history of cinema on its surrealist side. Selected for the Filmmakers’ Fortnight in Cannes, his third feature film, Conann , inspired by the heroic fantasy short story Conan the Barbarian (1932), by Robert E. Howard (1906-1936), opens with the gaze camera of a masked stewardess, her clairvoyant eyes announcing disaster.

At his side, Conann, the queen of the barbarians (Françoise Brion), arrives in the underworld at the end of a long life. “What a privilege to be dead,” whispers a dog-headed hybrid creature, Rainer (Elina Löwensohn), while announcing the protocol: Conann will be condemned to relive the atrocities she has committed since, as a teenager, she swore to avenge his mother, savagely executed before his distraught eyes.

Conann ‘s most disturbing idea consists of retracing the successive changes of the fierce warrior, from the age of 15 to her last day, through six actresses brilliantly leaving their mark. Every stage of Conann’s life feels like a death. “Killing your own youth is the height of barbarism. » Cl.F.

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“Augury”: witch camera

Former member of the Belgian hip-hop group Starflam, the artist Baloji delivers his first feature film with Augure . A film imbued with “magical realism” , as he himself defines it, in which the Belgian-Congolese director, as a talented alchemist, pushes the experience of a fusion between the two cultures, African and European, including he comes from.

Baroque and bubbling, Augure tells the story of a return home. The man who returns, after eighteen years of absence, is named Koffi (Marc Zinga). He made the trip to introduce Alice (Lucie Debay), his European wife, pregnant with twins, to her parents. However, the welcome is not the warmest. For good reason, Koffi was born with a wine stain on his face – the mark of the devil – and suffers from epilepsy, which makes it appear that he is possessed.

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