“The Perpetual Leek”: Zoé Chantre films the diary of a damaged life

“The Perpetual Leek”: Zoé Chantre films the diary of a damaged life


The Perpetual Leek , by Zoé Chantre, will remind us a lot of the work of Alain Cavalier as a “filmer”: a small camera, a voice-over, and the young woman artist clings to us to tell us about her life by choosing to all marks March 5, the day her mother tells her she has cancer.

We would expect an illness diary, but Zoé Chantre continues to blur the lines and the chronology. Time is that, white as a page, of the diary and the autobiography that she captures less by her victories than by everything that comes to dent life: her mother’s illness, and her own state of health which supposes the imminence of an operation to which she must resolve.

We jump from one event to another: a trip to Vietnam with his mother who refused chemotherapy; a desire for a child, quickly extinguished by his physical condition. Without any systematism, Zoé Chantre constantly seeks her form, affixing her slightly circumspect voice to her images which attempt to circumscribe the space of her intimacy. And the newspaper constantly performs a pendulum movement: life always counterbalances death, both are matters here that are dealt with together – that is its accuracy.


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