“The world is theirs”: high school students galvanized by a collective momentum

Teachers at the Eugène-Delacroix high school in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis), Jérémie Fontanieu and David Benoît have, since 2012, tested a method that has borne fruit: by closely involving parents in their children’s schooling. , their class has had a 100% baccalaureate success rate since 2017. During a school year, they called on their students and filmed themselves over the months: we see high school students galvanized by a collective momentum that makes them surpass themselves, experiencing for the first time the pleasure of concentration and study.

It must be said: with this film made by the teacher himself, we feared the exercise of complacent self-promotion, but The World Is Theirs turns out to be an effective and moving documentary, democratic in its functioning (the students film themselves -themselves), and delivers a method while providing a serene portrait of a certain suburban youth usually mistreated by the media. She appears here as in herself: with her differences in educational level, social class and ambitions.

Superhero style

Far from fetishizing success for its own sake and the Holy Grail of great schools, the two teachers do not seek to make their students competition beasts, but to give them the means to pursue their own path, rehabilitating in the eyes of parents technological sectors that are often looked down upon.

However, there remains something unthought about what makes such success materially possible: undoubtedly the overwork of these two heroes. As such, it is reasonable to doubt whether Le monde est à them offers a method that can be reproduced elsewhere. We still need resources and teachers sufficiently dedicated to their cause. The film renews the idea – which we would have liked to see addressed – that a good teacher is not only the one who gives memorable lessons, but the one who, superhero style, devotes himself body and soul to his class , and compensates for structural inadequacies through individual effort alone.


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