The Depardieu case blurs all the benchmarks… up to those of Emmanuel Macron

The Depardieu case blurs all the benchmarks… up to those of Emmanuel Macron


“What did you think of what my husband said about Depardieu? » This was the first question – asked in a worried voice – from Brigitte Macron to the “C à vous” team, Wednesday December 20. It is around 9:30 p.m. at the Elysée, and the show has just been broadcast live on France 5. More than 3.3 million viewers – a record – watched it. The day before, the deputies voted for Gérald Darmanin’s law relating to immigration, the central subject of the presidential interview decided two days earlier. Rewritten and then voted on thanks to the votes of the Les Républicains (LR) party and the National Rally (RN), the text caused a political crisis of unprecedented magnitude among Macronist parliamentarians and even within the government, including the Minister of Health. , Aurélien Rousseau, resigned.

“Depardieu, it must be done,” insisted the President of the Republic that morning, upon receiving the “C à vous” team, in order to prepare the conductor for the interview. Understand: Emmanuel Macron wants to talk about it in the show. Two weeks earlier, on December 7, the France 2 investigative magazine, “Complément d’investigation”, created an event by broadcasting images of the actor, filmed five years earlier in North Korea. . In the investigation entitled “Gérard Depardieu. The Fall of the Ogre » (almost a premonition), we see and, above all, we hear the actor multiplying demeaning sexual remarks about women (like his interpreter), as well as about a little girl perched on a pony.

When the subject comes up on the “C à vous” table, Emmanuel Macron immediately explains that he is a great admirer of Gérard Depardieu” . He denounces – this has always been his expression – a “manhunt” and believes that the actor “makes France proud” , whole. As if the actor had not been indicted since 2020 for rape and sexual assault, as if Mediapart , France Inter and Le Monde had not reported multiple testimonies on the actor’s behavior during filming. Recalling the presumption of innocence, the head of state did not have a word for the women who say they are victims of the actor. Brigitte Macron feared, that evening, the controversy of the days to come.

She guesses right. Nothing is ever up to par with the most famous star of French cinema. It doesn’t matter that he left the country to escape scandal; since “Additional investigation”, in a few days it has become THE French dispute. Better, one “case”, dragging in its radioactive wake Emmanuel Macron himself, the countries which had once honored and rewarded him, and the cinema world, which had nevertheless cautiously kept at a distance.

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