The actor Félix Lefebvre, a good dose of metamorphosis

The actor Félix Lefebvre, a good dose of metamorphosis


How to dream of a better entry into the big world? In Summer 85 (2020), a maritime and tragic teen movie by François Ozon, Félix Lefebvre was born in cinema like Sophie Marceau. A scene magnifies Alex, his character, candid and transfixed, dancing in front of the boy he desires. He ends up putting a walkman on his ears, in a gesture paying tribute to the first romantic rapprochement between Vic Beretton and his flirt in La Boum (1980). If we always have this image of the actor in mind, it takes a few seconds to recognize him in Nothing to Lose, a social drama by Delphine Deloget in theaters on November 22. Dull and hesitant, with greasy hair and a stuffy body, Félix Lefebvre plays Jean-Jacques, the older brother of a child placed by social services and whose mother (Virginie Efira) will try to regain custody.

“I like to go towards the new. If I have already played a type of role, it’s as if I had already covered it,” says Félix Lefebvre to explain this head-to-tail. Before that, the 24-year-old actor had already “transferred” several times: impresario of the duo NTM ( Suprêmes, by Audrey Estrougo, 2021), apprentice fisherman showing a lot of confidence to seduce a twenty-five-year-old woman her elder ( La Passagère, by Héloïse Pelloquet, 2022). He will soon be a son trapped in a troubled maternal relationship in Morgan Simon or the victim of mafia tricks in Giovanni Aloi. “The more I move away from myself, the more I refocus on the essential,” he insists.

By making up for his cinematic “gaps” after the baccalaureate, he observed, admiringly, the metamorphoses of a Daniel Day-Lewis, a Caleb Landry Jones, a Jim Carrey, actors among the most transformative in American cinema . Suffice to say that the challenge of gaining 20 kilos to play Jean-Jacques in Nothing to Lose immediately excited him. Bread, wholemeal pasta and rice, sodas, cheese and chocolate before going to bed made up his diet. And, since his character is an aspiring pastry chef, he also learned to cook cheesecakes and fruit tarts to better devour them. “I never thought I was big enough. When gaining weight, Americans tend to add an accent, a tic, a prosthesis. In fact, the weight is enough to transform you: your step slows down, your body moves differently, you are already someone else. »

Between Shakespeare and “Stargate SG-1”

Son of an artist, painter and musician, and a researcher in a pharmaceutical laboratory, Félix Lefebvre grew up in Antony, between Shakespeare, working in the theater company he frequented, and Stargate SG-1 , a futuristic soap opera watched with family. After a stint at a Parisian district conservatory then through the free class at Cours Florent, and a few appearances in short films or TV films, his agent propelled him to the casting of Summer 85 . Its text: the monologue of a teenager fascinated by death and attracted by a young, flighty biker . “Ozon is playful. He gave me no indication. I played this thinking I was going to be a serial killer…”

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