The release of Jacques Doillon's film, accused of sexual violence by several actresses, is postponed

The production of the film CE2 , directed by Jacques Doillon, filmmaker implicated by several actresses including Judith Godrèche for sexual violence, announced Tuesday February 27 that its theatrical release was “postponed” until further notice. The film, with Nora Hamzawi and Alexis Manenti, should have been on screen from March 27.

In mid-February, the production of the film announced that it would maintain this date, despite the filing of a complaint by Judith Godrèche against the filmmaker, because it was not possible to adapt a release “to a legal calendar” . She called for this decision not to be interpreted as “the expression of deafness or indifference with regard to the accusations made against” the director.

The actress Nora Hamzawi, who plays one of the main roles, publicly opposed the release of the film in theaters: “I do not support this decision which, in my opinion, represents contempt for screw the words of women,” she commented on social networks.

Investigation for “rape of a minor”

Mr. Doillon, 79 years old, is implicated, alongside director Benoît Jacquot, 77 years old, in an investigation for “rape of a minor under 15 years old by a person in authority, rape, violence by a partner” and “sexual assault on a minor over 15 years by person with authority”, following a complaint from Judith Godrèche. The actress had filmed with him in The 15-year-old Girl , released in 1989. She publicly accused him of having “groped” and kissed her on this set.

Isild Le Besco announced that she was considering filing a complaint against Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, accusing the latter of having deprived her of a role in a film when she was 17, “from the moment [ she] refused his advances.” The actress Anna Mouglalis, for her part, publicly accused Mr. Doillon of having “kissed her by force” .

Mr. Doillon contested Ms. Le Besco’s version and described Anna Mouglalis’ accusation as “grotesque.” More generally, the director says he is innocent, and defended himself publicly at the beginning of February, calling the accusations “arbitrary denunciations, false accusations and lies” , and saying he was at the disposal of justice. .

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