The death of Andre Braugher, serial police officer, from “Homicide” to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

The death of Andre Braugher, serial police officer, from “Homicide” to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”


Brilliant and arrogant Detective Frank Pembleton, who tirelessly interrogates murder suspects in Baltimore police lockups; Captain Raymond Holt, maniac and opera fan, married to a high-flying academic, boss of a burlesque police station in Brooklyn: Andre Braugher’s career is framed by these two characters who made the actor a face immediately recognizable around the world, thanks to the success of the series from which they came, Homicide and Brooklyn Nine-Nine .

Between the two, Andre Braugher has almost always played figures of authority, magistrates, doctors, police officers, soldiers, and, recently, editorial director of the New York Times . He died on Monday, December 11, “after a brief illness,” announced his agent, who did not provide details on the place and cause of his death.

Andre Braugher was born July 1 , 1962 in Chicago. After studying at a Catholic high school in the city, he obtained a scholarship which allowed him to enter Stanford University, from where he graduated in mathematics. To the great despair of his parents, he preferred to pursue a career as an actor. Among the first titles in his filmography is Glory (Edward Zwick, 1989), which tells the story of an African-American regiment during the Civil War. He plays there alongside Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.

Supporting roles in the cinema

In 1993, he landed the role of Frank Pembleton. Homicide stands out from the detective series that preceded it with its realism. Inspired by a book by David Simon, then a journalist at the Baltimore Sun , future creator of The Wire and Treme , Homicide features imperfect and complex police officers, in defiance of the conventions of the genre. Pembleton is a superior mind, a bad comrade, a man we admire without being able to quite love him. The character earned Andre Braugher an Emmy Award in 1998, the year of Homicide ‘s final season. He married actress Ami Brabson, who plays Pembleton’s wife in the series.

In the cinema, we see him mainly in supporting roles, as a soldier in Fantastic 4 and the Silver Surfer (2007), as secretary of defense in the spy film Salt (2010), with Angelina Jolie. For his last appearance on the big screen, in 2022, he played Dean Baquet, the editorial director of the New York Times , in She Said , which depicted the investigation which led to the fall of Harvey Weinstein and with the emergence of the #metoo movement.

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