Kylie Minogue Spills Secrets About ‘Padam Padam,’ ‘The Loco-Motion’ & More | Billboard Women In Music 2024

Kylie Minogue shared five things fans may not know about her and spilled a bit about the making of some of her biggest hits while backstage at Billboard’s Women in Music.

Kylie Minogue:
Hi, I’m Kylie Minogue and here are five things you did not know about me.

Thinking now. Okay. One, I recorded “Padam Padam” in my hotel room.

Two, “Love At First Sight” was first dismissed and ended up being a really big song of mine, not by me by my label.

My first single “The Loco-Motion” was recorded as a demo. I didn’t have a- I wasn’t signed to anyone. So if that hadn’t gone to become a release, I would not be here chatting with you today.

The fourth thing you don’t know about me… I can’t wait to get my heels off. You may have guessed that.

Fifth thing, coffee is one of my favorite things. And those are five things you didn’t know about me and I didn’t intend to tell anyone. No, that’s alright. I can share them.

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