Kanye West Calls Taylor Swift & Beyoncé “Big Inspirations,” Sexyy Red Gives Birth & More | Billboard News

Kanye West posted a message on his social media seemingly praising Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. Drake drops the video for his track “Rich Baby Daddy” where Sexyy Red is seen going into labor. Shakira announced her new album ‘Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran’ is coming in March. Maná is Billboard Español’s newest cover stars! Fher Olvera sat down with Billboard’s Leila Cobo to talk through the band’s tour, writing their hit tracks, their new album and more!

Tetris Kelly
Kanye, Beyoncé and Taylor part 2 plus March music madness and a labor inducing music video, we break down the top songs on TikTok, Billboard ranks Bob Marley’s best songs. You have a chance to see a ILLENIUM at South by Southwest and we sit down with the lead singer of Maná for the cover of Billboard. Welcome back to Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly it’s Thursday, February 15th. There’s so much going on and we’ve only got so much time. So here’s three of the top stories for today. Now that Beyoncé has a new track eyeing the No. 1 spot and so does Ye. Swifties were aiming to support Beyoncé just the block the problematic rapper he posted about Tay, “She and Beyoncé are big inspirations to all musicians. We always say how both sell out tours and movies. Also, I’m sure I’ve been far more helpful to Taylor Swift career than harmful. To all Taylor Swift Fans. I’m not your enemy. I’m not your friend either though. lol.” I say all is fair in stan wars and I’m sure the best song will come out on top. Drake is used to topping the charts and he’s got the people talking with his new video for “Rich Baby Daddy” where Sexyy Red goes into labor.

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