John Mayer Reveals Whether He’s Open to Getting Married Someday

John Mayer Reveals Whether He’s Open to Getting Married Someday


John Mayer is opening up about the possibility of marriage.

During a recent episode of Kelly Rizzo’s Comfort Food podcast, the 46-year-old musician — who’s former girlfriends include Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz — revealed whether he’s interested in settling down someday and what he’s looking for in a long-term partner.

“People don’t think I want to be married. I absolutely want to be married,” Mayer told Rizzo on Sunday’s episode, according to People.

“You know the secret, which is that I’m actually fairly well-adjusted. And I so badly want to get married if only for my wife to just know in her heart, like, ‘John will know what to do.’ I just think that level of being relied on is the hottest thing in the world to me. ‘If my husband was here, he would know what to do. Call John. Call my husband.’ You’re a full grown-up when this is your romantic fantasy. You’re a fully fledged grown-up.”

Rizzo joked back, “Your kink is that you want someone to be like, ‘John’s got a guy.’”

“Reliance kink? Oh my God,” the “Daughters” singer replied. “Reliability kink? Yes!”

This isn’t the first time Mayer has spoken out about his relationship goals. He previously told Andy Cohen that having a wife and kids would complete his bucket list.

“That would be — that would complete all of it,” Mayer said on Andy Cohen Live in 2021. “And I thought about this as recently as last night. ‘Cause my brothers are both married and have children… My dad was 50 when he had me. I think if I work backwards, it’s 50. 48, 50.”


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