ITZY’s New Mini-Album ‘Born to Be’ Has Arrived: Stream It Now

ITZY’s New Mini-Album ‘Born to Be’ Has Arrived: Stream It Now


Happy new year, MIDZY! ITZY kicked off 2024 with the release of its brand new mini-album, Born to Be, on Monday (Jan. 8). The set, which makes the group’s eighth mini-album overall, is now available to listen to on streaming platforms.

The set features 10 tracks: “Born to Be,” “Untouchable,” “Mr. Vampire,” “Dynamite” and “Escalator” performed by Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna, and for the first time, five solo tracks by each member — “Crown on my Head (Yeji),” “Blossom (Lia),” “Run Away (Ryujin),” “Mine (Chaeryeong)” and “Yet, But (Yuna).”

Born to Be was released alongside the official music video for “Untouchable,” which features the K-pop group facing off against a series of soldiers planning to take them down, as well as deteriorating buildings and pinpoint lasers. “I’m untouchable, it’s already begun/ With this flow, just (Just) going (Going) on and on/ Go on mess it up now, easily knockout/ Whatever it is, I don’t care about/ I’m untouchable, everlasting form,” the girls sing on the chorus of the energetic track.

Lia is notably absent from the music video, as well as promotional materials for Born to Be. She is currently on hiatus from the group while she recovers from a series of personal health issues.

“Lia underwent consultation and examination as she is experiencing extreme tension and anxiety about carrying out her scheduled activities and received medical advice that she needs rest and treatment,” the group’s label, JYP Entertainment shared in a September announcement. “With the artist’s health as our top priority, after careful discussion with the members, we decided that Lia will not participate in scheduled activities starting from today and will take a break for the time being to focus on her treatment.”

Lia followed up the statement with a letter of her own, telling fans, “I felt like I needed to take some time off to love and fill myself first. As I always say, I sincerely hope that MIDZY will be happy. I will work to return in good health.”

Stream Born to Be below and watch the music video for “Untouchable” above.


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