How Gotopo & Don Elektron’s ‘Sacúdete’ Became the MLS’ Latest Soccer Anthem

There are certain qualities that turn a song into a soccer anthem. First, its sense of euphoria to match the game’s twists, turns and rollercoaster of emotions. Second, the song’s ability to get everyone on their feet. So, it makes sense that “Sacúdete” became the Major League Soccer’s (MLS) pick to soundtrack its latest Our Soccer Is Calling campaign spot.

The hypnotic electrónica track by Afro-Indigenous-Venezuelan producer and songwriter Gotopo alongside producer Don Elektron (of Mexican group Kinky) was an unlikely choice given that the song was released last year and Gotopo is a relatively newer artist. However, it was the song that caught the attention of the MLS.

“We fell in love with the energy of the song,” says Jesse Perl, MLS’ VP of brand marketing, who worked with indie label Waxploitation Records to license the track for the campaign. “We think it’s great to use our platform to work not only with an established superstar producer like Don Elektron, but also emerging artists like Gotopo. This year, we wanted to make sure that our commitment to Latin culture came to life through sound, it’s something we really wanted to be intentional about.”

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It’s not the first time that the MLS works with Latin acts for campaigns, Prince Royce and Miguel have been tapped in previous years, but this latest song and campaign captures the zeitgeist of the fútbol movement and excitement with the arrival of Argentine soccer icon Lionel Messi to the league.

“Something really interesting is starting to happen, like it did back with hip-hop and the NBA in the 90s,” explains Perl. “There’s this marrying of Latin music and soccer in such an organic way. Peso Pluma is coming to games with Dr. Dre. Then you have Bizarrap is going to games in Miami. There’s all these people who are fans of the sport and now our league.”

It’s also a direct reflection of the league’s fans. According to data provided by the MLS, the league has the youngest and most diverse fans among the major sports leagues in North America with 30% of the MLS’ fanbase being Hispanic and 69% of the league’s fans are Gen-Z and millennial.

“Our soccer is calling is this idea of it being an invitation to bring people who are curious to discover, and we’re fortunate that there’s more curiosity about our league than ever before.”

Watch the “Our Soccer is Calling” spot, soundtracked by “Sacúdete,” below.


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