Here’s Why Fans Think Beyoncé Is Headed for a Rock Era After ‘Act II’

Beyoncé‘s country era is only just beginning, but some fans are already convinced they know which musical direction the superstar will take next: rock.

Less than two weeks after Bey became the first Black woman to top the Hot Country Songs chart with her new single “Texas Hold ‘Em,” a fan theory that the singer will dive into rock music as a natural progression from her ongoing country era has caught like wildfire on social media. It seemingly started to take shape when the Grammy winner posted photos from a shoot for CR Fashion Book promoting her haircare line Cécred, in which she poses with a shaggy, choppy mullet while wearing a ripped T-shirt and skin-tight black corset.

In short, Bey looked very rock n’ roll in the pictures. And with that vision in mind, the Hive predicts that she’ll embrace a more hardcore genre soon, potentially after she releases after Act II, a follow-up to 2022’s Renaissance dropping March 29.

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“I’m telling you Beyoncé’s next album is going to be a rock album,” one fan tweeted, reposting a video of rock pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe playing guitar. “To complete the trifecta.”

“Beyoncé is REALLY doing her big one with this three act project,” wrote another person, noting that Renaissance may have kicked off the potential threefold genre experiment with its focus on house music. “Reclaiming the genres that started with Black culture… Happy Black History Month.”

Only time will tell how accurate the theory proves to be. After all, nearly two years will have passed since Renaissance dropped once Act II arrives. For now, Bey’s country music foray is paying off splendidly; “Texas Hold ‘Em,” released on Super Bowl Sunday alongside “16 Carriages,” is already one of the trendiest TikTok songs of 2024 and recently topped the Billboard Hot 100, marking the performer’s ninth No. 1.

See fans’ predictions that Beyoncé will soon transition to rock below.


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