“Godzilla x Kong.” The New Empire", an orgy of destruction

New episode of a series which resurrected, in Hollywood, the creature created by the Japanese company Toho in the 1950s. Godzilla, the gigantic atomic lizard, is now on the side of good, determined to defend humanity – which does not does not prevent him, moreover, from trampling thousands of people in his furious wanderings – against all kinds of giant monsters. To do this, he will be helped by King Kong, who has re-emerged from a universe located in the depths of the earth.

Visual invention

It’s Adam Wingard, some of whose first feature films we really liked like You’re Next and The Guest , who takes over after having already signed the previous opus Godzilla vs Kong (2021).

The sequences of orgies of destruction follow at an accelerated pace (the Colosseum in Rome and the pyramids of Egypt spend a bad quarter of an hour) which is quite enjoyable. We sometimes have fun with a certain visual invention, notably in the painting of new and monumental creatures, a giant moth, a ferocious monkey, another lizard, double of Godzilla, which enjoys freezing everything in its path. The few humans in the film do not go beyond the stage of sentimental or comic clichés, and we can guess that the whole thing is designed for a young, even very young, audience.


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