Get an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at Sarz, Asake & Gunna’s ‘Happiness’ Music Video | Billboard

Get an Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at Sarz, Asake & Gunna’s ‘Happiness’ Music Video | Billboard


Sarz, Asake and Gunna break down the new music video for their new song “Happiness’” exclusively for Billboard.

Jamar Hawkins:
Hey guys, this is a Billboard exclusive sneak peek.

Welcome, Billboard. This is Sarz, and you’re on my set for “Happiness” featuring Asake and Gunna.

Edgar Esteves:
Hey, what’s up! It’s Edgar Esteves. I’m the director today for Sarz, Asake and Gunna “Happiness.” Today, Billboard, we’re taking you behind the scenes of the music video.

Zev York:
The director today is Edgar Esteves, the GOAT!

Edgar Esteves:
So right here, we got Zev, the creative director. This music video concept is really just about, like, when you know life waters your seed and blossoms you into the flower that you are, bringing your own happiness to fruition — and through costume, wardrobe, through good energy, we can achieve that.

Taylor Webster:
Hi, Billboard. Thank you so much for coming. I’m the publicist on set. The video is about everyone coming together, all genders, bright colors, and really just, like, illustrating what happiness is.

Edgar Esteves:
Guys, this is Zayd. I shot a video with him about a few months ago and now we’re back.

Zayd Ezzeldine:
We’re back.

Alexa Perkins:
Hi, Billboard, what’s up? It’s Alexa from Empire. Today we are on site for Asake, Sarz and Gunna’s music video “Happiness” dropping Dec. 8. The video shoot is in the middle of beautiful Calabasas, Calif.

Edgar Esteves:
The song just reminds me of just, like, nature, Earth, smiles, sun flares and that’s why we came to the hills in Calabasas, Calif., to shoot everything, where we have these beautiful, you know brown and green hills that in post (post-production) we’re going to turn all green.

Watch the full video above!


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