Gaby Moreno Performs Homage to Latin American Folklore & Wins at 2024 Grammy Premiere Ceremony

Gaby Moreno Performs Homage to Latin American Folklore & Wins at 2024 Grammy Premiere Ceremony


In an evening that celebrates the best in music, Gaby Moreno stood out at the 64th annual Grammy Premiere Ceremony on Sunday (Feb. 4) as a performer and winner.

The Guatemalan singer/songwriter, alongside Mexican artist El David Aguilar, offered a rendition of “Luna de Xelajú” that was nothing short of mesmerizing. The set not only showcased Moreno’s exquisite vibrato, but also paid homage to the rich heritage of Latin American folk music.

Dressed in a silky purple gown, with Aguilar in a brown suit and tie, the duo, each wielding steel-string acoustic guitars, brought to life the whimsical charm of “Luna de Xelajú.” Their performance, underscored by the gentle accompaniment of a grand piano and a symphony providing subtle background layers, left the audience in awe — most notably, the host. “Guys that’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard,” songwriter Justin Tranter said after the performance. “Her voice is so beautiful.”

This statement preceded a momentous occasion for Moreno, as shortly after she was announced the winner of the best Latin pop album for her folk-driven X Mí (Vol. 1) project.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Moreno described her Grammy-winning experience as surreal. “I’m having an out-of-body experience,” she said with a gigantic smile, holding her new Grammy. “Thank you so much, Recording Academy. I want to thank my family, my mom and my sister who flew from Guatemala to be here with me. I want to thank my incredible team from Cosmica Artists, Gil Gastelum, Mariana Puente, Isaac, Nana, Reese, Grecia — too many, oh my goodness.”

Moreno continued, “This was an acoustic album that I did last year with songs that are really dear to me from previous albums.” She went on to name all the behind-the-scene producers and sound engineers who contributed to the making of the album before adding in Spanish with a wispy voice, “I want to dedicate it to all my people in Guatemala, what a thrill, thank you so much!”


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