Fans Choose Karol G’s ‘Que Chimba De Vida’ as This Week’s Favorite New Music

Fans Choose Karol G’s ‘Que Chimba De Vida’ as This Week’s Favorite New Music


Karol G‘s “Que Chimba De Vida” has topped this week’s new music poll.

Music fans voted in a poll published Friday (Dec. 15) on Billboard, choosing the Colombian star’s new single as their favorite new music release of the past week.

“Que Chimba De Vida” brought in 59% of the vote, beating out new music by Megan Thee Stallion and Renee Rapp (“Not My Fault”), Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday 2 (Gag City Deluxe)), Lil Baby (“Crazy” and “350”), and others.

Karol G — who ranked No. 6 on Billboard’s Greatest Pop Stars of 2023 list — gives the year one final kiss-off with “Que Chimba De Vida,” which translates to “What a Cool Life.” The MAG and Edgar Barrera-produced track starts off unsuspectingly with guitar licks before fully delving into Mexican music inspired production, proving that her upbeat energy — exhibited in Mañana Será Bonito and its follow-up Bichota Season — will continue to flourish well into 2024 (though unclear where the track will live in relation to her previous releases).

Trailing behind “Que Chimba De Vida” on the poll is “Not My Fault,” the team-up between Megan Thee Stallion and Reneé Rapp. The Mean Girls movie musical soundtrack single brought in 35% of the vote. Opening up with Lindsay Lohan’s now-iconic line “It’s not my fault you’re like, in love with me, or something!,” the song’s lyrics are from Regina George’s point of view and as such, boasts rhymes ripe for your next social media post (see: Megan’s witty line, “I run s—, to be a bad b—- is a sport!”)

See the final results of this week’s new music release poll below.


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