Between Alain Delon's children, the legacy of disenchantment

Between Alain Delon's children, the legacy of disenchantment


The birds hide to die, the big beasts die out in broad daylight, under the burning spotlight. Since the first days of 2024, the Delon clan has continued to be torn apart in broad daylight, under the eyes of the French who are both dismayed and fascinated. Never since the terrible battle over Johnny Hallyday’s inheritance in 2017 have the torments of a family caused so much noise, created so much curiosity and aroused so much unease.

With one difference, and it is significant: Johnny was dead and buried when war was declared between his wife, Laeticia, and his children David and Laura. Alain Delon, although considerably weakened following a stroke in 2019, is still alive and witnesses, distressed and helpless, the fight between his three children.

Because if the immense actor in Luchino Visconti’s films Rocco and His Brothers (1960) and The Leopard (1963) is often walled in silence, finds it difficult to express himself, hardly hears anymore, is as if immured in a body and a brain that only wakes up intermittently, his three children, Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien, agree on at least one point: their father understands what is happening around him.

Every midday, or early afternoon, when he emerges from choppy and often difficult nights at his property in Douchy (Loiret), which he has not left since the summer, the old lion leafs through the copy of his favorite daily newspaper, Le Parisien, which is waiting for him on the kitchen table. Alain Delon, 88, reads the chronicle of a family in tatters: his own.

Because for ten days, all attacks have been allowed in a deadly crescendo within these brothers in flames and blood: insults, the most sordid accusations, broadcast of clandestine recordings, handrails and filing of complaints in all directions. “In the name of the father”, always, as Paris Match headlined on January 4, which, for more than half a century, has chronicled the smallest actions of the Samurai and his family, each claiming his place as “best” child.

“It has to stop, everyone has to calm down, that’s enough now,” declared to Le Monde Mᵉ Christophe Aleya, Alain Delon’s lawyer since 2019. A call that comes a little late, as the machine to destroy got carried away.

” An earthquake “

The first clap of thunder broke out a few months ago. On July 5, the patriarch’s children, united for the occasion, got rid of their father’s Japanese “companion lady” , Hiromi Rollin, 66, and filed a complaint against her for “moral harassment” , “misappropriation”. correspondence” , “ animal abuse” . According to Mr. Aleya, who wrote the complaint, “Ms. Rollin had become increasingly aggressive and temperamental. She kept saying bad things about the children. She harassed Mr. Delon from morning to evening so that he would marry her. He couldn’t stand her anymore, he was fed up with being in permanent conflict with her .

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