Coco Jones Explains the Stories Behind the Photo | Billboard

Coco Jones Explains the Stories Behind the Photo | Billboard


Coco Jones explains the stories behind these photos with Billboard.

Coco Jones:
Hey, ya’ll. It’s Coco Jones and I’m going to take you guys Behind the Photo.

My darling! What I Didn’t Tell You EP and Deluxe EP. Yeah, this was my first time seeing any billboard of myself, like, I was hyped! Never gets old! Never gets old. Seeing yourself on a billboard is, like, scary but, like, wonderful scary.

Oh purr! This was a Halloween archive of me dressing as Princess Tiana. So basically, there was a trend and everyone was like, “Coco, you should play Tiana.” I was like, “Oh, really?” Me casually singing the song, that was a really cute moment.

So purr! Hot! So basically, this is an infamous bathroom selfie. I don’t know what y’all like about bathroom selfies, but they really go up on my page and that is crazy y’all, that’s a bathroom. But hey, that’s what you like. Anyway, I was in London at this time and felt really cute. Got a little flick and it didn’t numbers. Thank you!

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