Clay Busch Launches Six18 Media, a New Agency That Will Help Artists & More Expand Their Brands

Clay Busch Launches Six18 Media, a New Agency That Will Help Artists & More Expand Their Brands


Clay Busch, a renowned promoter and marketing and branding specialist with over 18 years of experience, has announced the launch of a new agency venture, SiX18 Media.

A press release announcing SiX18 Media says the agency will “revolutionize the branding and business expansion strategies for a wide array of artists, innovators, and visionaries across the creative fields, extending their influence and revenue streams beyond their foundational expertise and creating new monetizing opportunities for clients.”

As part of its launch, SiX18 has announced a strategic alliance with boutique booking agency The Kirby Organization led by Andrew Goodfriend and Mike Monterulo. SiX18 has also hired Eliza Tew as director of brand partnerships/talent manager.

“The core mission of SiX18 is to empower artists, athletes, influencers and other brands to explore & create ancillary monetization models, leveraging their intellectual property, name, image, and audience to create new multi-vertical brands,” the press release explains.

“SiX18 is not just about creating opportunities; it’s about redefining the landscape of possibility for artists, athletes, talent and innovators alike,” comments Busch. “Our mission is to pioneer new avenues of growth and revenue, transcending conventional boundaries and fostering collaboration in an ever-evolving industry.”

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In a statement, Goodfriend noted that “teaming up with Clay marks a pivotal moment for The Kirby Organization.” He continued, “Together, we’re not just embracing change; we’re pioneering it”. Monterulo added, “This collaboration underscores our dedication to elevating and supporting our clients to new heights of success.”

Busch began his career at AEG Live and Columbia Records before transitioning to Interscope Geffen A&M Records and then Danny Wimmer Presents, before eventually joining Shelter Music Group, where he was the company’s first hire.

SiX18 Media held its debut event last night in Las Vegas in partnership with 88 Vines and SiX18 Media clients Fred Minnick, Amanda Vance and The Kirby Organization’s Tom Sandoval, alongside NFL icon Charles Woodson, actor Graham McTavish and country singer Michael Ray.

“SiX18 and The Kirby Organizations collaboration is a clear message to the industry,” reads the press release. “Both entities are here to serve as a catalyst for growth in entertainment, not competition with other firms. They offer a unique platform for talents to expand their horizons, ensuring that artists and business professionals alike have the tools and support to thrive in an ever-evolving market.”


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