Christine Angot in “Le Monde”, the literary power of an incest survivor

“I’m tired of talking about this. I’m tired of my work being invaded by this,” says Christine Angot in Une famille, her first film, in theaters since March 20. “That” is incest and Une famille, a documentary on what she suffered. If his first novel Vu du ciel (Gallimard, 1990) hardly attracted the attention of the literary critics of Le Monde, Not to be (Gallimard) was praised, on December 27, 1991, by Patrick Kéchichian, who praised this “kind of novel of cruelty” and his “tense, violent, effective” writing. It was on this occasion that the writer’s name appeared in the evening daily. Already, the literary journalist underlines that the young novelist is disturbing.

Screams and pain are often mentioned in articles about his work. Of his play, Stop, let’s stop, stop!, Le Monde judged that it was “a crude play. A threat” (June 24, 1997). “The book of a wound”, describes Christine Rousseau, on November 8, 1997, at the time of the paperback release of Interview (Fayard, 1995). The journalist also writes, and this is the first time that it is discussed in Le Monde about Christine Angot: “A book on incest, which one quickly guesses to be largely autobiographical. »

His first portrait appeared on September 25, 1998 from the pen of Josyane Savigneau on the occasion of the release of Sujet Angot (Fayard). “I don’t claim to write “true stories”, like Annie Ernaux for example. There is a confessional side to it that I don’t like very much,” says Angot, who by dint of drawing on her life comes across as “a little “crazy”.” in the literary world. “As soon as we see it we know that it’s not, that it’s something else entirely. Of this mixture of violence and gentleness which creates real strength. »

The instinct for truth

Christine Angot in Le Monde, these are also her texts, which she regularly submits on a daily basis. There are long comments on politics, writing and literature, reactions to
news and explosive reports. Like these eight pages on a Madonna concert at Wembley published in Le Monde 2 on August 19, 2006: “A journalist from Le Monde had the idea of sending me to London because he knew that I liked the stars. I only like stars who suffer from tearing themselves away from themselves to serve their art, their belief, their faith. He didn’t know that. The complete opposite of Madonna’s credo, be yourself. »

Christine Angot tears herself away from herself to write. A little more when she published L’Inceste (Stock, 1999) . “Christine Angot will win,” predicted Josyane Savigneau on September 3, 1999. “Because she is unlikely to please.” She goes too fast, too strong, too far (…) She is not humanist, she has exploded realism, consensual, provocative or falsely strange pseudo-literature, to ask the only question, the most disturbing: what is a writer’s relationship to the truth? » Le Monde then salutes each of its publications. On September 15, 2000, Jean-Luc Douin, however, wondered: “Has Christine Angot fallen into a Durassian narcissism, or is she courageously continuing, with her breath, her voice, her breath and all her doleful body, her (crazy, really?) enterprise of laying bare a truth? »

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