Césars 2024: a consensual ceremony to mark the change of era in French cinema

On the street side, on Boulevard des Capucines, in Paris, this Friday, February 23, a few dozen feminist activists shouted to the call of the CGT-Spectacle – “Depardieu we see you! Doillon, Jacquot, we see you! » – and Anna Mouglalis, who came to “support the words of public utility taken by Judith Godrèche”, explains: “We must make things happen together. A better world can open up. » On the room side, in the hall of the Olympia, in front of an audience of photographers hungry for stars, the influencer Léna Situations, 26, strikes a pose with delight. Let’s go for the 49th Caesars ceremony.

In clear on Canal+. Even more vague at the Olympia. Producers, technicians, actors, directors… the profession sometimes has difficulty choosing on which foot to dance since Judith Godrèche filed a complaint, on February 6, for “rape and violence against a minor under 15 years old” against Benoît Jacquot then against Jacques Doillon, leading to a surge of positions, support, revelations.

Catherine Breillat, 75 years old, white dress, white hair, walks slowly up the hall, leaning on her cane and supported by producer Saïd Ben Saïd. Crowds of young men in bow ties, and women twirling in slit skirts, chirp in all directions, champagne in hand. Others display serious smiles.

“I hope that the words we will hear this evening will be heard,” asks Vanessa Springora, in a sober green suit, who came to support Vanessa Filho and Kim Higelin, the director and actress of Consent , adapted from her book. This wasn’t always the case… If this evening could mark the end of this chapter. »

Actress Anna Mouglalis and the general secretary of the CGT, Sophie Binet, during the feminist demonstration near the Olympia, before the Césars ceremony, in Paris, February 23, 2024.

Wim Wenders, whose latest film Perfect Days is nominated in the best foreign film category, shows his satisfaction at being there. “It’s important, everything we’re going through at the moment,” he said, searching for words in French. We can learn a lot, us guys. » Anthony Bajon, who is competing for best supporting actor for Junkyard Dogs , recounts how, after he refused to go nude in a film, a director kindly informed him that he had been “replaced » – “It wasn’t that long ago…” Hafsia Herzi, nominated for the César for best actress for The Rapture , laughs, eyes half-closed: “I grew up in the northern neighborhoods of Marseille, there, the girls were beating the shit out of the guys…”

Expertly channeled speeches, without overflowing

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