Benoît Jacquot, a system of predation under the guise of cinema

Benoît Jacquot, a system of predation under the guise of cinema


In the Sciences Po amphitheater in Paris, Julia Roy sits at the back of the room. The 23-year-old student came to listen, on January 29, 2013, to the conference of a director she does not know, Benoît Jacquot, invited to talk about “politics of the intimate” . “He stares at me throughout the session, that surprises me a little,” she told Le Monde eleven years later. At the end, she approaches to greet the facilitator of the meeting. “Benoît Jacquot jumps on me to give me a paper with his number, and asks me several times to call him. »

Since her Austrian childhood in Vienna, Julia Roy, who only played a small role in a television series, nurtured an early love of cinema. She decides to call this filmmaker back: perhaps he can advise her, she who dreams of making films? At the restaurant Le Hangar, in the Marais, where they meet, “he looks at me like a miracle” . According to his story, he immediately made big declarations to her: “He told me that he was going to make all his films with me, that he would help me write mine, that he wanted to have me all the time. time with him and in front of him. » He is just disappointed when he learns her age: he thought she was younger.

Six years later, in 2019, it is a young woman traumatized by the relationship formed with the director who fled to Austria. “I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. » In January 2024, she discovered Judith Godrèche’s accusations about her past relationship with Benoît Jacquot which motivated the opening of a preliminary investigation, Wednesday February 7. She in turn decides to publicly discuss her experience with the director, which included manipulation, domination, physical violence and sexual harassment. Some of the facts she denounces may not be covered by the statute of limitations.

At the beginning, their relationship takes the form of a professional friendship, a sort of mentoring, through which the director wants to help the student make films. He invited him to Venice in 2013, like Judith Godrèche in 1987. “In the sleeper train, he approached me physically. I’m uncomfortable, I find it strange given our age difference. »

In 2015, on the set of Forever , a film of which Julia Roy is the screenwriter and in which she plays the main role opposite Mathieu Amalric, she experienced a first traumatic episode. “In a hotel room in the Algarve in Portugal, he started insulting me, calling me a whore and a slut,” she explains. There will be three other films afterwards, until the leak in 2019. In the press of the time, Julia Roy is then described as the “new muse” or “muse” of Benoît Jacquot.

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